Why Anolyte Remains Superior to Chlorine

As the use of chlorine as a water disinfectant declines due to its impact on the environment and the safety concerns it poses, Anolyte has proven to provide a much safer and effective alternative. The benefits and advantages of Anolyte over chlorination are evident in terms of safety, cost, maintenance, and productivity. 

What are the specific advantages? Most importantly, it's crucial that your water disinfectant is safe for you. Chlorine, or bleach, is hazardous if it comes in contact with skin even causing skin burns and ulcerations. On the other hand, the chances of any negative health effects with Anolyte are very low - obviously making Anolyte the more advantageous method. In terms of maintenance, Anolyte reduces the amount of biofilm to none, making it easy to maintain and the cost to maintain low as well. Anolyte is also remarkably more effective as a disinfectant and oxidation agent and has shown that no microorganisms develop a resistance to it. 

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