Amazing product! I can't wait to see it in hospitals nationwide. - Melissa W. 

Bonhomme Farms, Elie, Canada

Bonhomme Farms installed the ELA- 6000 Electrolyzer, dosing Anolyte at 4% for 680 Sow farrow to finish operation. They also began dosing 7000 layers at 2% and public water system at 0.1%. They reported noticing aggressive waterline cleaning, and maintenance with piglet scours reduced to none. Excellent sow lactating, and feed intake with lower mortality, and faster weight gain.

Prairie Blossom Farms, Stonewall, Canada

Prairie Blossom Farms installed the ELA-1200 Electrolyzer, dosing there water with Anolyte at 4% for 700 sow farrow to wean operation. They reported: “Last 60 sows pregnancy checked 4 were negative. Hallelujah Praise the Lord!!!!! “Sent about s*** load of texts to everyone that was aware of my repeats and the water system we installed and let them know our success with the Anolyte system. My phone is ringing off the hook now. The repeats are so few now it looks too good to be true – if it's the water system it's priceless”

It Was!

The customer also noticed water consumption went up 35% – 40% on whole barn scours in piglets stopped and looseness in stage 1 pigs improved significantly.

Ridgland Farms, Dugald, Canada

Ridgland Farms installed the EL-6000 Electrolyzer, dosing their water with Anolyte at 3% for 630 Sow Farrow to Finish operation. They reported: “Decreased mortality, improved conception, and significantly reduced scours in Farrowing.”

Rolling Acres Farms, Eden, Canada

Rolling Acres Farms installed the ELA-6000 Electrolyzer, dosing Anolyte at 4% for their 1200 Sow Farrow to Finish operation. They reported that it cured their Tuberculosis lesions disease situated in the liver, and lymph nodes after significant condemnation of shipping pigs at the slaughterhouse after 3 weeks of Dosing Anolyte at 10%, following a year long struggle to get disease under control. That’s why we can say “Disease control, and cure!” They also reported noticing pinker, healthier animal color, increased animal energy, heavier weaning weight, and lower mortality rates.