Benefits of Water Purification for Your Pigs.

It's never too late to invest in a dependable water purification system to better your livestock and increase their profitability. The technologies employed by Omnilyte Central such as Anolyte reap many benefits for your farm and livestock. For over 10 years, Anolyte has proven through our clients to be the superior method of safety and effectiveness in comparison to chlorination.

Specifically for pigs, Anolyte has shown to reduce infections and diseases such as liver lesions and parasitic infections amongst pigs and improve their energy, growth, and skin color! As a result of healthier pigs, maintenance becomes less of a hassle, and their profitability increases significantly. In addition, microorganisms will not develop resistance to Anolyte and are easy to maintain - no biofilm build-up. What does all of this mean? Your investment is truly returned to you. These benefits allow for increased profits and a smooth-operating farm.

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