Our Systems's Benefits For You and Your Turkeys.

Nothing is more important than making sure your livestock is healthy and reaching their maximum profitability. A key part of that is utilizing the right water purification system. Omnilyte's Envirolyte systems use Anolyte and Catholyte solutions in order to provide the most efficient and effective methods of water purification.

How are these solutions the most effective? Our Envirolyte systems are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and all natural. The Anolyte solutions in these systems outperform chlorination in many aspects and reap benefits for you and your turkeys. Our clients have shown that these solutions have resulted in healthier turkeys, better digestion, and better weight gain. From this, less feed is being used, and their profitability increases notably. Not only are your turkeys being taken care of properly, but your investment is returned to you through their increased profitability and decreased upkeep costs.

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