The Top Choice for Your Livestock

It is paramount that your livestock is healthy and profitable. The first step in improving these aspects is ensuring that their water system is kept clean and free of chemicals and diseases. Omnilyte’s Envirolyte systems will provide a competent way of treating your water systems and improving your livestock whether it’s pigs, chickens, turkeys, or other livestock.

Our safer and easier alternative to chemicals has proven to decrease the mortality amongst livestock; their digestion improves tremendously, and they’re able to build up more resistance. In chickens, higher egg per bird averages were recorded as well as better shell quality. These systems have also been seen to lessen bronchitis outbreaks amongst chickens too. Overall, there is a better uptake of nutrients, thus lessening the amount of feed needed to distribute to your livestock. The decreased mortality rate along with the better uptake of nutrients ensures an increase in their profitability, thus benefiting you in the long run.

Give Omnilyte a call to see if our Envirolyte systems are right for you and your livestock.