The Best Investment You Will Make

Everyone knows the importance of an efficient and competent disinfection system for their crops or livestock. Disinfectants like chlorine cause unnecessary harm and require extensive maintenance. What’s a better solution? Omnilyte offers the perfect one with the Envirolyte systems equipped with Anolyte to ensure a safe, easy alternative.

The Envirolyte system uses only three things: salt, water, and electricity. This makes the system significantly easy and low-maintenance. There’s no biofilm to clean or system to regularly maintain, thus allowing time to be spent elsewhere. Investing in the Envirolyte system will not only save you time but money as well. Due to the system’s effectiveness, your livestock will become healthier therefore increasing their profitability in the long run. Still not convinced of the savings? Envirolyte systems are eco-friendly, so you can save on energy as well. Making an investment in Envirolyte systems today will save you tons in the future!

Call Omnilyte today and make your investment into our systems.