The Many Uses of Electrolyzed Water

Omnilyte employs electrolyzed water into our systems to ensure the best water purification. Electrolyzed water has several other uses and methods that are proven to work. Below are just some of its benefits and methods.

One of the biggest benefits of electrolyzed water is its ability to prevent and control diseases in livestock and crops. For example, it controlled white rust in broccoli, mildews in onions, sclerotinia in beans, and more. Electrolyzed water is also healthy for livestock. It removes the built-up biofilm and provides a clean water source for the animals. Not only can electrolyzed water be used through water purification systems but a multitude of other methods. These methods include sprinkle, trickle, or center pivot irrigation, boom spray application, and others. Along with the benefits and methods, electrolyzed water is low maintenance, so you can focus on other aspects of your farm and let the electrolyzed water do its job.

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