Envirolyte Systems: A Safer Alternative to Chemicals

In terms of water purification, chlorine has been used as an agent for many years. However, it's very hazardous - able to cause skin damage and harm to the environment. While chlorine and other chemical compounds are effective as disinfecting agents, they're not worth the numerous safety and health risks. 

As our clients have seen, our Envirolyte systems have proven to be a safer alternative. There's no more need for all of those chemicals and accidents. With the utilization of just salt, water, and electricity, Envirolyte systems are effective at disinfection and safe to use by humans. The Anolyte solutions in these systems are also safe to humans and yield no toxic by products like those from chlorination. It's evident that the right choice is Envirolyte systems; their safety, effectiveness, and easy maintenance is second to none. 

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