Is your livestock getting the right water treatment?

Is your livestock getting the right water treatment? OmniLyte Central is committed to having chemical free and antibiotic free solution for disinfection hygiene, water treatment. This all-natural, biodegradable system is the state of the art technology produces a powerful agent without risking humans or any animals. It’s a salt and water-based chemical that uses electricity.

Not only is this a greener option to your current treatments, but this option is EPA, FDA, and USDA approved. You can’t go wrong with Omnilyte it increases profitability, serenity, safety, and fewer antibiotics in each and every livestock application. What does the system do? Destroys Microorganisms, purifies the water, and acts as a cleanser and degreaser.

OmniLyte Central replaces your existing systems eliminates the need for antibiotics, reduces operating expenses/ safer, improves livestock’s health, and increases your profitability.  Call OmniLyte Central today get a quote on a complete system and give Anolyte a try today.